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Star Milling offers a complete line of feed for pigeons, parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, doves, quails, emus, ostriches, and wild birds. Using a variety of specially selected seeds and whole grains, Star Milling’s bird feed contains all the nutrients your birds need.

Produced on site in Perris, California, our feeds are produced in conjunction with species-specific nutritionists. Each species will receive the right amount of protein sources and energy sources needed for growth and fuel.

It’s a common misconception that feeding “bird seed” to your pet bird meets its dietary needs. All pet bird species originated in the wild—eating a rich mix of fruit, vegetation, and seeds in their native habitats. That is why Star Milling provides an excellent line of bird seeds for a variety of species.

Star Milling bird feeds have premium natural ingredients and are made fresh in our facility in California, which does not use antibiotics or medication. Our balanced formulas are full of your bird’s favorite ingredients. There are not any pellets in our feeds, as birds have a natural preference for seeds and tend to leave pellets behind.


We offer feeds for parakeets, cockatiels, pigeons, parrots, quail, doves, ratite, finches, and more. We even have a wild bird feed, which attracts a variety of native species.

Using a blend of specially-selected seeds, whole grains, and fruit, Star Milling’s bird feed has the balanced nutrition your birds need. We are dedicated to providing only the best feed for them.

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