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Whether you are raising fish for commercial sale or simply have a pond in your backyard, proper nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your fish. Our commercial fish food diets are formulated by nutritionists to ensure your fish receive the nourishment they need for best growth & feed conversion (FCR’s).

Star Milling offers fish food wholesale for a variety of fish: Koi, Goldfish, Catfish, Trout, and Tilapia, just to name a few. Our feeds provide the correct amino acid balance for improved growth and feed conversion rates (FCR’s).

Our custom formulations are manufactured with low minimum order requirements in either bulk or sack and sold at wholesale prices. We offer pellet sizes for all stages of growth—from fry to production stage. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions on fish nutrition.

Whether you have a backyard pond or lake, or are operating a commercial fish farm, Star Milling has the products and resources you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for your fish. Please Find a Dealer near you to improve your fishes’ diets today.

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