Star Milling

Some of the best poultry feed available

Poultry Bags

Star Milling provides some of the best poultry feed available. Detailed product sheets or tags describing our products are available in PDF format below. Our simple feeds are listed on the Whole Grains page.

Simplicity Feeds

Koop Clean

KOOP CLEAN is an all-natural, quality chicken bedding consisting of a chopped blend of hay & straw, combined with the unique odor neutralizing ingredient, ‘Sweet PDZ’. This special blend will keep your coop fresh and dry and leave your flock happy and healthy.

Diatomaceous Earth

Harris Food Grade DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is composed of 100% ground freshwater diatomaceous earth with absolutely no additives or fillers. It is made in the USA and listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute. A powder duster is included in the bag for easy application on animal feed.